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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

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The Doctrine of Virgin Birth is the sole doctrine on which all the divided sects and denominations of christendom are agreed. It is the great lie of a false religion masquerading as christianity.


The doctrine of Virgin Birth:

  • imposes a barrier between Jesus and the rest of humanity,

  • misrepresents the values Jesus stood for,

  • falsifies the issues which brought him into collision with the priests,

  • conceals the motives of those who caused him to be crucified.

But, most of all, the doctrine conceals the fact that the same issues and the same principles are just as much alive today as they were at the time of Jesus of Nazareth.

By means of this doctrine the leaders of organisational christendom have achieved, on an intellectual level, what their predecessor priests in Jerusalem had hoped to achieve on the physical level, that is —


The churches pretend to have obtained this doctrine from the Bible. As their evidence they quote:

  • the prophet Isaiah (circa 740 B.C.),

  • the gospel of Matthew, chapter 1,

  • the gospel of Luke, chapter 1

The facts are that none of the authorities quoted by the churches make any reference to virgin birth at all. The church scholars have been careful not to popularise the facts, though they are well aware of them, and to keep the people in ignorance.

The purpose of this… is to place before you the facts which will show that the doctrine of virgin birth is a lie. The actions of Jesus and the priests will then be seen in correct perspective.

Jesus was a normal man, chosen from among his fellows by God. This was the whole issue. He did not meet with the approval of the priestly establishment of his time. To them he was a malcontent, a man who stirred up the people. The priests desired a messiah made in their own image and likeness. They did not want God’s messiah; they wanted their own — fashioned according to their own delusions of grandeur. It was only natural that they should accuse Jesus of being deluded.

Extract from a draft document by E. P. (Ted) Wixted circa 1965





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The first articles posted on this website analyse what the Bible actually says about the birth of Jesus, and compare this with what the churches contend is in the Bible. Since all the various churches claim the Bible records the virgin birth of Jesus, it may come as a shock to many to see how flimsy and unsustainable are the arguments for this claim. Go to Doctrine of Virgin Birth.

I am indebted to my close friend of over 34 years, Ted Wixted (1927-2001), for the inspiration that led to these articles. I have drawn substantially from numerous conversations he had with myself and others, and from his written works. His ideas and actual words permeate these articles.

Further articles about the religious pretensions and political activities of the churches will be added progressively to this website. These will include works by Ted Wixted.

T. Crosthwaite
January 2007




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